ZY-KL3D Door Wallpaper Decorative Door murals, Waterproof and Moisture-Proof DIY Environmentally Friendly self-Adhesive PVC Decals, Used for Home Decoration (MT093)



This 3D door mural decal will make your home full of art within 1-2 hours. They are great gifts to decorate your home at any time. The practical design can be applied quickly and easily. If you insist on using them, they will be automatically pasted and can be moved to the wrong place, you can delete them and reposition them where you want. They will not damage the door or leave sticky residue. It is durable and will last for many years. Features: Environmentally-friendly PVC material-made of environmentally-friendly PVC material decals for the door, self-adhesive material, easy to use, just peel and paste, durable, waterproof, easy to clean, and will not cause any damage to the door when removed. Packaging and applicable occasions-the packaging is two 15.2″x78.7″ (38.5cm x 200cm), which can be applied to bedroom doors, living room doors, bathroom doors, kitchen doors, kitchen backsplashes, floors, bathroom walls, etc. Simulated 3D pattern design-very suitable for decorating the door within 1 hour, so that your home has more space impression, and has new visual effects after completion. DIY design-these door stickers have different colors and designs, you can freely combine these door stickers and paste them according to your own preferences, just peel and paste them, easy to use, and help decorate the house. The package includes: 2 x 3D door stickers Instructions: Choose a smooth, clean and dry surface. One by one from the wall Peel off the door wall stickers and place the adhesive on a flat surface without pressing them so that you can pull them out and reposition them if needed. If the result is satisfactory, please press the bubble outward firmly to press against the surface. If there are bubbles, pierce them with a needle. Before sticking, please clean the smooth surface. note: 1. Not suitable for uneven, rough and textured surfaces. 2. Due to the high display resolution, there may be slight color difference between the door sticker product and the door sticke

❥(^_-)1 set of door stickers includes 2 half sheets of paper, sheet size: 38.5x200cm / 15.1×78.7inch. Wall size: 77x200cm / 30.3×78.10″This door sticker is suitable for most door sizes, if it is too large, it can be cut. Take out the door sticker, measure the size of the door and the sticker, determine the position to be pasted, paste the door sticker to the desired position and make adjustments to complete a perfect 3D door sticker.
❥(^_-)Environmentally friendly PVC. Removable and waterproof, reusable, no damage Decorating the door with this exquisite door sticker is especially suitable for old doors, making it look novel and suitable for any clean, dry and smooth surface. Removable and waterproof. You can assemble it yourself. You can choose any place to decorate in any bedroom, living room, kitchen, corridor, nursery or children’s bedroom, dormitory, office, work area
❥(^_-)Fashion and various patterns, vivid 3D visual effects, printing art and modern design are incorporated into eye-catching murals to make your house more beautiful. This is a great way to complement your house or business interior design, show your taste and decorate your room perfectly.The door decal mural can be pasted on any smooth surface: walls, furniture, accessories, tiles, mirrors and windows, but it is not suitable for rough, rough, textured surfaces.
❥(^_-)A great gift, you can decorate your door within 1 hour, leave more space impressions on your home, and have new visual effects after completion.It is fun to make realistic landscape effects with door stickers. 3D door stickers are suitable for all types of wall/door colors. Enjoy family time through home decoration. Save your money and time.
❥(^_-)The 3D door wall painting wallpaper design brings a fabulous feeling to your home decoration. This 3D door mural is a great gift to decorate your house, practical design can be used quickly and easily, this 3D mural wall decoration is a great way to add color and brighten your bedroom or living room without paint . Your children or guests will love it and praise its charm. This is also a perfect gift for friends or family who like to decorate their holiday home.


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