Woodcessories – Phone Case Compatible with iPhone 12 Case Green, iPhone 12 Pro Case Green – Ecofriendly, Made of Plants



Woodcessories goes organic! Our new Organic Case made from plant-based materials is the perfect eco-friendly alternative for anyone wanting to make their contribution for recycling and help protect our environment. We’ve developed an innovative sustainable bio material that protects your iPhone and the environment at the same time. The BioCase is made of an eco-friendly mix based on a wheat compound and non-toxic bio plastic that is easily recyclable. This plant-based material mix is vegan, saves resources and protects your smartphone with the power of nature! You get shatterproof protection, a sleek fit, and a certified drop down guard. The strong frame gives you extra grip and a shock-absorbing protection against every impact.  Soft microfibre inside the case also protects the back of your iPhone. Naturally, you can still use all functions including wireless charging! Not every biodegradable case is really free form environmentally harmful substances; many contain BPA (Bishphenol A), lead, cadmium, and phthalates which are released into nature when decomposing. But our plant based cases are absolutely BPA free, 100% vegan and only contain eco-friendly substances. We also fulfill important REACH and RoHS standards that restrict the use of chemicals and toxic substances. That way, we can be sure that we always produce sustainably and reduce our CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions. This iPhone cover keeps its promises – 100% green!

MAKE A CHANGE: About 9 million tons of plastic waste enter our ocean every year – just like you, we are working on solutions to combat the global plastic pollution using recycled paper packaging, too.
HIGH QUALITY & PROTECTION: We are living in a throw away society – our cases meet high quality standards for a longer life cycle and certified Drop-Down Protection to shield your phone from drops/scratches. Magsafe and Wireless Charging compatible. Without magnet connection.
TURN OLD INTO NEW: Let us know and send us back your old Case, we’ll reycle it and you will receive 30% on your new case. It’s our mission to act sustainable in every process!
PLANT A TREE: For every sold product we plant a tree in cooperation with Trees for the Future. We dont just think, we act sustainable!


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