Spill Tackle Industrial Strength Absorbent – 2 Pound Bag – Spill Control and Bioremediation Agent – Lightweight, Environmentally Friendly, USDA BioPreferred, Hydrophobic



A mess-free solution that cleans up spills fast
Unlike conventional clay-based products, our ultra absorbant, hydrophobic formula uses encapsulating technology to lift and soak up toxic spills within minutes using minimal product. Spill Tackle is a smart and environmentally friendly solution that is made to clean up tough oil, paint, fuel, and other petroleum based fluids while also saving you time and money. Spill Tackle is a unique formula that not only absorbs toxic spills, but also encourages bacteria to break down the harmful toxins contained within the spill. Keep Spill Tackle handy when you have a tough to clean oil puddle in the garage or driveway, or a difficult to remove paint stain on your carpet. Our chemical-free formula is EPA Leachate Approved and USDA BioPreferred, which means it can be used in food prep areas to clean up cooking oil spills and stains, and is safe to use around both people and pets.

How to use Spill Tackle
Cover the spill with Spill Tackle, starting at the edge of the mess to prevent the spill from spreading. Begin mixing Spill Tackle into the spill with a stiff broom or object best suited for the situation. Once the spill has been absorbed, simply remove the mixture to pick up the encapsulated spill using a dustpan or spatula. Store excess Spill Tackle for re-use if suitable or for proper disposal if needed.

Cleaning up our planet, one spill at a time
At Spill Tackle our goal is to make sustainable, eco-friendly, and affordable spill solutions to help clean up our planet in a safe, more efficient way. We are continuously investing in our production and delivery, while constantly increasing the quality of our products. We promise to always be evolving to meet your needs. Spills happen unfortunately, but we’re here to help.

INSTANTLY ABSORBS TOXIC SPILLS: Our super absorbent formula naturally breaks down petroleum fluids and other simple hydrocarbons while the powerful wicking action draws the spill out of difficult surfaces like cement or asphalt
EASY TO USE, ZERO RESIDUE: Our convenient formula cleans up spills from motor oil, gas, and other tough to remove liquids completely and without needing a pad, sponge, or mop to remove the residue
MORE EFFECTIVE, LESS EXPENSIVE: Spill Tackle is 4 times more effective than similar products and weighs much less than clay-based alternatives, thereby significantly reducing your transportation and storage cost
100% BIODEGRADABLE: Our all-natural spill control product uses encapsulating technology and is 100% biodegradable, silica-free, dust-free, and contains zero carcinogens making it safe for the environment
ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE: One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure, and our landfill safe, EPA Leachate Approved, USDA BioPreferred formula is created with repurposed waste material


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