shzyy PVC Waterproof Door Stickers, Goldfish Home Decoration Door Stickers, self-Adhesive Wall Stickers, Easy to Install, Environmentally Friendly and Durable



Product name: 3D Door Stickers Door Wallpaper;
Product material: Environment-friendly PVC;
Product Size: 77*200 cm (30.3*78.7 inch);
Product weight: 0.5 Kg.
Instructions for use:
1.If you are affixed to the surface of glass or ceramic tile, because the material is relatively smooth, it is best to dry the veneer with a clean rag before pasting the door sticker, which is easier to paste and the flattening effect is better;
2.Some large pattern stickers, after flattening, there may be a few bubbles appear, at this time you can use scraping card to remove bubbles or use needle tip to break and wipe the bubble flat, will not affect the overall paste effect;
3.If the pasted wall is damp, aging or just painted with new paint, it may cause the wall sticker to fall off automatically after peeling, or it may cause the wall surface to peel off. You can use the hair dryer to blow the wall surface dry or wait for the paint surface to volatilize for a while before Stick, but the effect may be different, so please carefully select the location where the door sticker is pasted;
4.If you accidentally put the wall sticker in the wrong position, you can use a small blade to gently pry off the corner of the wall and re-stick it. This product can be reused under normal conditions, as long as it is not torn;
5.The layout size of DIY series products is tight. You can use unlimited creativity and freely arrange the shapes and positions. You can use scissors to cut the patterns separately. Please be careful not to damage the patterns when cutting.

Product Size: 77*200 cm (30.3*78.7 inch). This 3D waterproof wear door sticker can be used as door sticker, wall sticker, mural and so on.
DIY door stickers are easy to peel and paste, and 3D door stickers are the best home decor DIY items. It is easy to clean, waterproof and durable. It’s very easy to install, so you can easily enjoy the fun of collage with your family.
Product Material: Adopt indoor environmental protection pvc material, waterborne back glue, can be removed, do not hurt the facade, wall, green environmental protection, pollution-free, waterproof, durable, pressure resistant, easy to clean.
Stylish patterns, vivid 3D visuals, print art and modern design create a striking mural that will make your home more beautiful and warmer. A great way to complement your home or business interior design, show off your taste and decorate your room.
Scope of application: It’s suitable for any smooth and flat dry surface, such as furniture, doors, walls, floors, windows, glass, etc.; It can be used to decorate hotels, home decor, living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, office buildings, offices, stadiums, resorts, hotels, etc. It is also a good gift for friends and family.


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