Reusable Makeup Remover Pads | Ultra-Soft and Gentle, Effective Makeup Wipes | Sustainable Bamboo Rounds – 12 Piece Set with Laundry Bag



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Welcome to Sustainable Luxury! myHomeBody Reusable Makeup Remover Pads | Ultra-Soft, Gentle and Effective Makeup Wipes

Bamboo Reusable Makeup Remover Wipes Feature our Exclusive “Finger-Pocket” design, allowing you to handle them easily and get full use of both sides!

Effective, Soft on Skin and Better for the Planet!







12 Piece Set with Laundry Bag

After Use, just toss them in the laundering bag provided and into the wash! A more Sustainable choice than disposable cotton rounds!

Large 4” Size – Gentle Yet Effective Makeup Wipes

Our Soft Bamboo makeup remover pads are great for sensitive skin, such as under the eyes. Suitable for all skin types! Large Surface Area to get more done with a single pad!

Soft, Luxurious AND Sustainable Bamboo

Bamboo is not only softer than Cotton, but it Grows Faster, uses Less Water and is more Sustainable – what’s not to love?

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✔️ Convenient to Use Finger Pocket Design: Check out our unique “finger pocket” design, which lets you handle the pad more easily to apply pressure and get to those hard to reach areas. ✔️ Large 4” Size: Large surface area to get more done with a single pad! Compact enough to take everywhere you go – to the gym, office or on trips!
✔️ These Gentle, Soft pads are Great for Sensitive Skin, such as areas near the eyes. Suitable for all skin types!
✔️ Made from Soft, Luxurious, Sustainable Bamboo! – Gentler than disposable cotton rounds! Set Includes 12 Large, Soft makeup remover pads and Cotton Bag for Laundering
✔️We Care about Your Satisfaction! myHomeBody wants to be a brand you trust! Buy with confidence knowing that If You’re not Satisfied, We’ll Make it Right – Reach Out to Us!


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