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Refresh Glass Recycled Glassware LogoRefresh Glass Recycled Glassware Logo

Refresh Glass Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses are shipped in custom packaging that shows our story. Each glass is created from a wine bottle that we collected from local bars and restaurants. Made entirely in the USA, each carafe is hand crafted with a sturdy and heavy feel. Our proprietary methods allow the drinking glass rims to have a perfectly smooth finish, adding a certain sophistication to your experience. Our process stress relieves the glass so you can continue to enjoy using the glasses for years to come. Don’t be fooled by others who purchase bottles from the factory (without helping the environment) or have rough and sharper sanded rims. We pride ourselves on our rescue mission and quality. Every glass is inspected to ensure that they conform to our high production standards. Since every wine bottle collected is unique, actual volume may vary slightly. Dishwasher safe. At Refresh Glass, we divert each bottle from the landfills and transform them into functional art; all in part of our 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission.

Refresh Glass Recycled Wine Bottle Glassware 12 Ounce Glasses (4-Pack Mixed Colors)

Refresh Glass Gift Set 12 ozRefresh Glass Gift Set 12 oz

Join the Refresh Glass 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission

According to the US EPA, over 70-Percent of wine bottles go straight to landfills. Refresh Glass saves thousands of bottles every week with a 1 million per year bottle rescue mission. Each bottle has its own story of where it is filled, what it contained and the occasion it was consumed, along with the combination of shape, color and thickness, making each 4 pack truly unique. The glasses themselves feel sturdy in your hands, are really durable because of their thickness and shape, and people really enjoy the way the colors pop. Order a set for a friend or family member as a gift or treat yourself to these conversation pieces. Helping the environment has never been so fun. Refresh Glass hopes to demonstrate that it is possible to combine the heart of a nonprofit with the horsepower of a corporation, creating a truly self-sustaining and purpose driven business with a community focus. Not to mention, people that love wine love glass products made from wine bottles.

The Perfect Gift – Form, Function, and Purpose!

Rescued Wine Bottle MissionRescued Wine Bottle Mission

If you’re going to make something, make it right – and more importantly for the right reason. All of our incredible products started because of a passion to create something that truly married form, function and purpose in the best way possible. We first set out to Rescue 1 Million Bottles from entering our landfills and in 2017 we hit that goal. We are now on a Mission to Save 10 Million Bottles and would love for you to be a part of that story.

Partnered with the world’s best restaurants.

Refresh Glass Restaurant GlasswareRefresh Glass Restaurant Glassware

Our Hospitality and Retail customers don’t just buy our products, they often end up being our biggest cheerleaders! Not only do they love accenting their environments with beautiful & unique pieces, but they also tend to save a lot of money due to the extremely high durability and low breakage rates.

Made from real wine bottles that actually held wine.

Refresh Glass DrinkwareRefresh Glass Drinkware

Our glassware at one point was a true wine bottle filled with wine. Now you can fill it with whatever quenches your thirst!

From Wine Bottles to GlasswareFrom Wine Bottles to Glassware

Glassware made from wine bottles rescued from the community. Recycled 100% in USA.

Refresh Glass Gift GlasswareRefresh Glass Gift Glassware

Refresh Glass story is printed on each box, making each set a completely unique and purposeful gift.

Mixed color 4-pack comes with at least 3 different colored glasses in each set.
Refresh glass story is printed on each box – makes a great gift
A more civilized way to drink straight from the bottle while supporting a great cause
Smooth rounded rim and dishwasher safe


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