Real Good Coffee Co Variety Pack Recyclable Coffee Pods, K-Cup Compatible including Keurig 2.0 Brewers, 36 Count



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Real Good Coffee Co love our coffeeReal Good Coffee Co love our coffee


Real Good Coffee Company

At Real Good Coffee Company we are a small team who pride ourselves on making real good coffee. It’s that simple. Good coffee shouldn’t come with premiums for exotic names and fancy packaging. We promise not to distract you with gimmicks. once you taste the coffee you’ll be impressed.

We have been craft roasting coffee in Seattle for more than 30 years and are dedicated to creating great coffee and fair value, Just like you, we revel in that first cup of the day.

Real Good 36 Count K CupsReal Good 36 Count K Cups

Variety Pack Coffee Pods

Figure out which of our flavors you enjoy best by trying out our Coffee Pod Variety Pack. Our Variety Pack contains all of our different flavor options including our Breakfast Blend Light Roast, our Donut Shop Medium Roast, our French Dark Roast, and our USDA Organic Dark Roast.

Breakfast Blend Light Roast Coffee Pods: Our breakfast blend is a light roast coffee to deliver a smooth flavor that brings together a brisk citrus taste with smooth aromatic notes of milk chocolate and cream.
Donut Shop Medium Roast: This classic medium roast, extra bold coffee brings together our best beans for a sweet and smooth flavor from the first taste to the bottom of your cup.
French Dark Roast: French Roast uses premium beans to create a full-bodied roast that will please even the most hardcore coffee drinkers, without turning bitter like many French Roasts do.
USDA Organic Dark Roast: This dark roast, bold single-origin organic Sumatran coffee brings together flavors of bell pepper, cedar, and a lemony acidity that’ll delight any coffee drinker.

Sustainable Coffee Pods

Our Variety Pack is made with 100% Arabica coffee beans and 100% recyclable materials, these coffee pods are kosher, with no additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients. The coffee beans are roasted fresh in Seattle, USA, and are compatible with all single serve cup coffee brewers. Be real good to the planet – please recycle your pods.

Real Good Coffee Co offers a 100% recyclable coffee pod, espresso and whole bean coffee solution that bridges the gap between quality and affordability. We give you premium quality coffee, with the convenience that matches or beats any other coffee brands on the market.


Organic Dark Roast

Light Roast

Medium Roast

Variety Pack

French Dark Roast

Taste Profile

A full bodied, single origin coffee with hints of spice and bold roasted notes.

A light roast coffee with a classic smooth flavor.

An extra bold, medium roast coffee with a classic sweet and smooth flavor.

Flavors vary based on coffee pod type.

An extra bold, dark roast coffee pod with a slightly sweet finish.



36 Count

36 Count

36 Count

36 Count

36 Count

Eco Friendly Coffee Pods: Our Coffee Pod Variety Pack contains Arabica coffee beans from Central America, South America and Sumatra. These coffee beans are responsibly grown and sourced, then roasted and packaged in 100% recyclable coffee pods in Seattle, USA
Tasting Experience: Our Coffee Pod Variety Pack allows you to sample all of our different coffee pod flavors and roasts. Try our Variety Pack if you are looking to find the coffee pod option that best matches your flavor preferences
Count Size: Contains 36 Count Coffee Pod Variety Pack including 9 Breakfast Blend Light Roast pods, 9 USDA Organic Dark Roast pods, 9 French Dark Roast pods, and 9 Donut Shop Medium Roast pods
Single Serve Compatible: These classic Arabica coffees are designed for use in all single serve style coffee brewers


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