Pintyplus Home Spray Paint – Old Wine – Low Odor, Low VOC, Matt Finish, Water Based, Environmentally Friendly, Ideal for Indoor Household Projects, Pack of 2



Product Description

Pintyplus HOME

PintyPlus HomePintyPlus Home

Pintyplus HOME is a water-based spray paint specially designed to paint household objects and furnishings.

Low Odor
Does Not Stain
Minimum Overspray

Home is formulated to paint any furniture or surface in your house, both indoor and outdoor. Pintyplus HOME colors have been selected by interior designers to create a cozy yet fashionable space.







Choose and combine different colors to achieve the balance between comfort and pleasant aesthetic.

Any surface can be painted. HOME has excellent adhesion on almost any material.

Pintyplus HOME offers high hiding power with one coat and excellent wearing power with no color loss.


How To Apply

The surface to be painted must be clean, dry and free of contaminants
Paint from a distance of 15cm
Apply thing layers horizontally and then vertically or vice versa
Once used, invert and press until only gas comes out to clean the nozzle


Test by painting on cardboard to get acquainted with distance and pressure

On less porous surfaces, apply the appropriate Pintyplus primer before painting

In case the painted object is going to have intense use, it is advisable to varnish it


Surface to cover 520c400ml


Drying Time

To the touch 20-30 minutes. Total drying time: 1 hour

Applying second layer

Can be applied anytime

Pintyplus Home Brass

Brass is a solvent based paint. Recommended not to mix solvent based color with water based ones

THE PREMIERE INDOOR SPRAY PAINT! Tired of spray paints that leave strong smells? Pintyplus Home is the answer! It is a low odor, low VOC spray paint with minimum overspray.
GREAT VALUE! Worried about return on investment? With two 400 ml cans, you get more Pintyplus Home spray paint that is ideal indoor and outdoor projects, as well as arts and crafts.
EASY APPLICATION! Apply Pintyplus Home after shaking well for 30 seconds. Drying takes approximately 1 hour and repaint can occur after 30 minutes. Made a mistake? Pintyplus Home can be removed with soap and water in the first 15 minutes before it dries!
INCREDIBLE GIFT FOR DIY! Whether you are a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, Pintyplus Home has been specifically designed to paint all objects in and around your home. It is suitable for wood, MDF, veneers, glass, clay, ceramics, paper, natural fibers, rubber, cork, plastic, Textile and most metal.
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Not satisfied with the product? No worries! We will issue a full refund, no questions asked! Click “Add to Cart” now to get the awesome Pintyplus Home experience!


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