Nepali Cherish Greeting Card & Envelope Deluxe Box Set with Handmade Lokta Paper from Nepal, 25 Cards (Cornflower)



Following a handmade paper-making tradition of over 1,000 years, these Lokta paper all-occasion greeting cards are a special way to send a special message. The paper comes from Lokta bushes which grow in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal. This tree-free bush grows back quickly when cut, making it a sustainable source. The fibrous inner-bark is cooked into a mash and then spread by hand across boxed screens, forming the paper as it dries and hardens in the Himalayan sun. Often referred to as Nepali paper, Lokta paper is used for official government documents in Nepal. The paper has a unique texture with one side showing the intricate pattern from the screen used to create the paper, and the other side, the sun-kissed side has a more natural and varied texture. Great for thank you cards, wedding or party invitations, or a simple note between frineds. Thank you for supporting at thousand-year-old tradition of handmade papermaking in Nepal.

HANDMADE DELUXE 25-CARD SET: 4×6 inch all-occasion cards (twenty-five total) with accompanying envelopes made following a 1,000-year-old paper-making process in Nepal and integrating real Cornflower petals.
HANDMADE PAPER: Tree-free, sustainable paper handmade from the Lokta bush which grows in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal. Cuttings are cooked to a mashy pulp and spread by hand over boxed screens and set to dry outside, making a tough, acid-free paper with a beautiful texture.
FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS: These truly unique greeting cards (blank inside) are great for every occasion. Use them for wedding invitations, thank you cards, party invitations, birthday, graduation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or special acknowledgements.
HIMALAYAN GREETINGS: Lokta paper makes its way from the Nepali mountain villages to Kathmandu where it is made into the cards. Each card contains natural flecks and texture unique to the art of hand-crafted Lokta paper.
HANDMADE IN NEPAL: Thank you for supporting a 1,000-year-old tradition of handmade paper artistry from Nepal.


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