LUXPaper #10 Square Flap Envelopes in 80 lb. Natural – 100% Recycled, Business Envelopes for Corporate Letters and Legal Documents w/Peel and Press, 50 Pack, Envelope Size 4 1/8 x 9 1/2 (Off-White)



Are you looking for a pack of high-quality envelopes for business letters, resumes, letters of recommendation, applications, and other important documents? These envelopes are versatile, easily transitioning from formal to playful depending on what you need. The modern square back flap adds a sophisticated touch that you won’t find with other sets of similar envelopes. Best of all, these envelopes feature a peel-and-press sealing method! Simply remove the adhesive strip on the inside of the back flap and press down to seal your envelopes. You’ll get a great seal every time, no moistening required. The 80 lb. text-weight envelopes are an excellent choice because they’re about twice as thick as regular printer paper. The sturdy and durable thickness is perfect for shipping long distances so you won’t have to worry about bending or tearing. When printed on, LUX envelopes are complemented with a wide variety of ink colors. You won’t have to worry about paper jams, tears, or ink smears with these envelopes. They’re designed for compatibility with laser and inkjet home printers. These envelopes are also ideal for addressing notes and letters by hand. So whether you need to send letters out in bulk or only a few at a time, these envelopes will work perfectly. Use them for mailing checks, business documents, and other professional correspondence. Whether you use a gel pen or calligraphy pens, you’ll be impressed with the high-quality, smudge-proof paper. These #10 Square Flapped envelopes measure 4 1/8” x 9 1/2” (105mm x 241mm). Purchase multiple sets for these colorful envelopes for your home office, corporate office, and more. LUX 80 lb. Natural – 100% Recycled envelopes are a durable and high-quality option for all your party-planning needs. Purchase a package of 50, 250, 500, or 1000 today!

FOR BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL USE: If you’re looking for multipurpose envelopes that are great for sending corporate letters, business applications, financial documents, checks, and more, our #10 LUX Paper envelopes are an excellent option. In addition to being perfect for all professional documents and correspondence, these square flap envelopes also work well for personal letters.
PEEL & PRESS SEAL: The self-seal design of these envelopes is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to lick or use a moistener on every single envelope — it’s a huge time-saver! Simply peel off the protective strip, press, and seal. It couldn’t be easier! This type of adhesive is great for business applications, wedding announcements, and personal notes.
PRINTABLE & CUSTOMIZABLE: If you want to customize or label your colored envelopes, you’re in luck! These envelopes are printable on off-set printing presses, and even some home printers so you can have your company logo and branding printed on them directly. You won’t need to worry about smudging or jamming when using a compatible printer.
100% RECYCLED: Send out all your personal and professional letters using this pack of eco-friendly envelopes. These heavy-duty envelopes are thicker than traditional printer paper, allowing you to package and ship notecards, letters, and photos without bends, rips, tears, or folds. If this isn’t the color or style you’re looking for, we have other professional options available.
DURABLE & RELIABLE: Made from heavyweight LUX paper stock with a side seam construction, these envelopes are thick and durable, making it perfect for things like letters, mailings, personal mail, or invitations. No matter what you decide to use these envelopes for, whatever is inside is sure to arrive in perfect condition


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