Leafily Palm Leaf Plates – 7 inch Square – Heavy Duty – Elegant – 100% Compostable – Better than Bamboo or Wood – Disposable – Biodegradable – Premium Party Plates – USDA Certified – 22 Count



Product Description

Add a splash of style to your tabletop with these all natural plates to set the mood for any special occasion.

These 7″ square plates are ideal for large portion of desserts, snacks, finger foods, light lunch, appetizers etc. Few key attributes of these plates are –

Premium Quality

Unlike other brands, Leafily uses very high quality mold to ensure uniform shape and smooth edge. We also use slow heat process to attain even surface that has no air bubbles. Using best quality leaves, Leafily provides the most gorgeously textured plates to customers.

Sturdy. Heat, Cut & Grease Resistant

Microwave-safe, oven-safe (350 degrees for up to 45 minutes) and leak-proof. Holds full plate of food as good as ceramic plates. Easily withstands table knife. Perfect for gravy or ice-cream.

Completely Hygienic

Leafily products are steam pressed to ensure thorough sterilization that meets North American standard. Therefore, each plate is perfectly clean and ready to use.

How are Leafily products different?

We go an extra mile to ensure premium quality. How? Let’s explain.

Dried palm leaf sheaths are the raw material for making these plates. However, not all portions of the sheath are same. The center portion has the best texture and uniform thickness. Therefore, plates made from the center portion are of much higher quality than those made from the side/corner areas of the sheath. Unlike our competitors in North America, Leafily only markets plates made from the center portion of palm leaf sheaths. That is how Leafily dinnerware have the most beautiful texture, attain uniform thickness and become heavy-duty.

Is it related to palm oil industry?

NO. It is a common misconception that palm leaf products and palm oil come from the same industry, which they do NOT. Palm leaf products are made from the leaf of the Areca palm tree, which is only available in India. Palm oil, which is linked to mass deforestation and killing of Orangutans, is harvested from a completely different variety of palm tree that are mainly grown in Indonesia and Malaysia. Palm oil industry does not produce any palm leaf product. This is because leaves of the genera of palm oil producing trees are not suitable for making palm leaf products, such as disposable plates and bowls.


You can be 100% sure that neither any Orangutans, nor any flora and fauna are harmed during any process of manufacturing palm leaf products at Leafily.

Variation is a feature, not imperfection

Uniqueness is one of the best features of palm leaf plates. Such distinct appearance is derived from fallen leaves collected from different palm trees in different seasons. You may find dark shades and spots in some plates. These are not imperfections, but rather natural features of palm leaves that make each plate unique. Variations in color pattern, texture and thickness is part of being a 100% natural product.

Going Green

Unlike paper or plastic plates, no chemicals, additives or synthetic materials are used. Water, heat, pressure and dried leaves are the only ingredients. These are 100% compostable.

Palm Leaf Plates palmleaf 100% natural bamboo plate  wedding recycle event holiday dinnerPalm Leaf Plates palmleaf 100% natural bamboo plate  wedding recycle event holiday dinner

Impress Your Guests

Your guests will be impressed by the gorgeous look and unique pattern of each plate. Perfect for wedding, Thanksgiving, Christmas, picnic, BBQ & any indoor or outdoor occasion.

Better than Bamboo or Wood

These plates are made from naturally fallen palm leaves whereas bamboo and wooden products cause cut down of trees. These are the greenest disposable dinnerware.

PREMIUM QUALITY & PERFECTLY CLEAN – Only the center portion of the leaves are used to ensure uniform shape and aesthetic surface. Each product goes through rigorous quality control process to meet North American standard. Great for wedding, parties and catering.
ELEGANT, STURDY & VERSATILE – Serve your family and guests in style on every occasion from comfortably casual to fabulously formal. Lot sturdier than paper, plastic or bagasse plates. Exclusive natural textures make each plate unique.
AS GREEN AS IT GETS – These are super eco-friendly as made from 100% natural material. Unlike bamboo, wooden and paper plates, no tree is harmed to manufacture. Naturally fallen areca palm leaves are used only. 100% compostable, chemical-free and biodegradable.
HEAT, CUT & GREASE RESISTANT – Microwave safe. Works great with stainless steel cutlery. Perfect for hot or cold food, liquid, gravy and ice-cream.
ORDER NOW WITH NO RISK! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Leafily® palm leaf tableware is backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with our product or receive your money back.


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