Kakaos 4 Inch Cork Yoga Blocks Set of Two



Kakaos 4-inch Cork Yoga Blocks are a environmentally natural material. The 4″ Cork Yoga Block is made from sustainable all-natural cork. The cork blocks are a solid and denser block than our Wood, Bamboo or foam blocks. Yoga blocks help yogis reach the ground in balancing poses; improve flexibility, stability and helps in proper alignment. Natural textured surface with rounded edges provides a no-slip contoured grip.

Set Of Two Cork Yoga Blocks: Kakaos cork yoga blocks made from sustainable eco friendly all-natural cork with rounded edges for easy natural textured grip
Strength – Stability: Achieve all the support you need. Cork yoga blocks give you the ultimate support, balance and comfort needed to increase flexibility and improves alignment for deepening and elongate your stretches
Anti-Slip: Cork is naturally slip-resistant which is perfect for providing a non-slip and sliding support base during use, Kakaos cork yoga blocks are made from high-density durable Eco-friendly cork material for long-lasting durability.
Environmentally Friendly: The natural cork can help provide the sense of peace of mind with a natural material that is biodegradable or that can even be recycled.
Easy Care: After practice simply wipe down the block with water or use a mixture of vinegar and water (once dry vinegar smell will dissipate). Cork blocks can be towel dried or simply left to air dry.


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