GreenPolly Blue Trash Bags with Drawstring, 13 Gallon, 90 Count

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Polyethylene is conventionally produced from Fossil raw materials such as oil or Natural gas, and is found in many everyday products that we all have come to love and hate. The EPA estimates that the USA generates over 34 million tons of plastic each year, and less than 10% gets recycled. In addition, 3 million tons of film plastic are landfilled each year, with less than 1% Being recycled! Our wish is to consume and recycle otherwise discarded plastics, so we have developed a new brand of trash and recycling bags called GreenPolly. GreenPolly is one of the first bags to be made of 90% post-consumer (not industrial) plastic and a renewable source (10% Green Polyethylene) – we are a pioneering, new brand and hope you will join us in this journey of a more sustainable future. PR-post-consumer recycled – 90% of each bag is made with 3rd Party certified post-consumer recycled plastic. Giving waste a new life – PR comes from plastic films that have been used, recovered, and recycled into new products that can be used again. Diverting plastic from landfills – avoids adding more Virgin polyethylene to the world by diverting ‘waste’ From landfills and incineration. Strong & Reliable – similar properties you’ve come to depend on with traditional plastic and shelf stable. Green Polyethylene – Green polyethylene is produced from the ethanol derived from sugarcane, a renewable raw material. 20% of each bag is made with Green Polyethylene. Renewable raw material- rather than being manufactured from non-renewable oil or Natural gas reserves, Green Polyethylene is made from sugarcane sourced from Brazil. Absorption of CO2 -being a renewable feedstock, sugarcane captures and sequesters CO2 from the atmosphere every annual growth cycle. Strong & Reliable – similar properties you’ve come to depend on with traditional plastic and shelf stable. This bag is made from a resin blend of up to 90% PR and 10% Green Polyethylene.

Made from 90% certified post-consumer recycled plastic and 10% Green Polyethylene from renewable sugarcane
Heavy duty bags made with the highest content of recycled plastic, which is a better choice than traditional trash bags made from 100% Virgin plastic using fossil fuels
These 3-ply construction, recycled content bags are designed for durability during household trash and waste collection with a secure drawstring closure
Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging. Less wasteful packaging aligns with our company goals of sustainability


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