ECO FRIENDLY GIFT – Zero Waste Kit & Sustainability Gift, Made from Eco Friendly & Reusable & Zero Waste Beauty Set (Pink)



★★★Introducing ECOBOX Zero Waste Bathroom Kit!★★★
We’re all becoming more conscious of what waste consumption we are contributing to Mother Earth. We’re also now well aware of the mountains of plastic we create in our daily fast-paced lives.
★1 x Biodegradable Toothbrush and Bamboo Travel Carry Case
✔Splinter free
✔Heat and water resistant
✔Super soft bristles

★1 x Microfiber Headband
✔Soft and skin friendly
✔ Long lasting/durable fabric
★1 x Bamboo Handheld Hair Brush
✔Makes hair healthy and shiny
✔Helps massage your scalp
✔Less static means less frizzy hair!
★1 x Charcoal Biodegradable Dental Floss
✔Reusable glass container
✔Activated charcoal floss
✔99 yards of floss
★1 x Reusable Carry Tin/ZeroWastePackaging
✔Plastic free packaging
✔Makes a great carry case, travel tin, cosmetic case or lunch box
★12 Make Up Remover Pads – 1 Storage Tin, 1 Laundry Bag
✔Gentle and soft 
✔Washable and tumble drier friendly
✔Stylish storage solution included
★1 Packet of Biodegradable Cotton Earbuds (100 pack)
✔Bamboo stick
🌱 LIVE CLEAN & GREEN – Think Going Green Means Having To Compromise Your Beauty Routine? No Way Beauty Queen!
🌱 ECO-FRIENDLY GIFT – An eco-friendly gift idea/sustainable gift set for those who love zero-waste, or need a little help getting started on their plastic free product journey. The ultimate zero waste starter kit if you’re looking to start swapping your plastic/disposable bathrooms products for sustainable product alternatives.
🌱 ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCTS – Everything in the zero waste kit is sustainable & has been made with the earth at top of mind. These eco-friendly products will set you a step above & create a one stop shop for your sustainable bathroom needs.
🌱 BURSTING VALUE/ZERO WASTE PACKAGING: Included in this zero waste bathroom kit is 12 reusable make up pads (with laundry bag & storage tin), bamboo tooth brush and case, charcoal biodegradable dental floss, eco friendly ear swabs (100 pack), bamboo hair brush, microfibre headband & a reusable zero waste packaging box.
🌱SAVE MONEY & THE EARTH Say goodbye to the disposables in your washroom. The products in this kit can be used time and time again. Of course you will have to upgrade the tooth brush & eco friendly ear swabs over time (because ew!) but the rest of the products can last for years and years to come.


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