cuteNfuzzy Organic Dye-Free Eco-Friendly Jute Rope Toy Pack for Dogs



cuteNfuzzy’s Jute dog toys are an ideal choice as they are made from all-natural, biodegradable, and sustainable plant materials that are chew safe. Our dye-free construction means that these toys won’t leach any color, and they’re free of harmful chemicals. Jute is made from a sustainably sourced, fast-growing, renewable, and eco-friendly plant! Our toys are organic and chew safe, making these a smart choice for the dog owner who cares about their pet’s health and safety, as well as buying from sustainable sources. With our cuteNfuzzy jute bite and tug toys, the possibilities are endless! You can toss them, play fetch with them, use them to practice bite work, play tug of war, use them as a drag or lure, and a million other possibilities! For safe play, we recommend only allowing your dogs to access these toys under supervision due to some pet’s tendencies to shred and then attempt to ingest toy parts and fillings.

DESIGNED FOR SUPERVISED PLAY – our toys, like all rope or fiber toys, are designed for supervised play only. Loose threads/fibers should be removed before play. If your pet starts to tear apart or consume the toy, remove it and discard it immediately
NOT DESIGNED FOR HEAVY CHEWERS – our jute toys are not recommended for very destructive dogs or those that eat or shred toys. These toys are great for dogs who like to play tug of war or fetch, are not destructive, or are not heavy chewers
ORGANIC DEODORIZER FREE DESIGN – these toys are made of organic jute fiber, which has a natural scent. This scent is normal and is not harmful. This natural scent can be removed by letting the toys air out in the sun
SET INCLUDES FOUR TOYS – this set of jute rope toys includes four fun toys your pet is sure to love: a 6” toss and tug bite ring, a 14” double-ended tug and play toy, a 13.5” tug and play toy, and a 6” fiesta ball chew toy


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