Crystal Nail File Double Sided Etched Glass Nail File Professional Salon Manicure Extra Slim Design(Big)Easy To Carry



Product description
Ideal for all ages. It is the ideal professional five-star nail file for ladies, men, children and salon professionals.
Fine grit, permanent abrasive for trimming and shaping short, half-nails, fake nails,
Long-term use can strengthen and harden natural nails and allow you to have healthy and beautiful nails!
Grind the edges of the nail from two sides to the middle, and do not let the surface be perpendicular to the tip of the nail. Slightly tilt at the fingertips to remove burrs.
Glass nail files are easy tot use. Just touch it in any direction.
Commonly used nail shapes: square, square, oval and pointed, which can be perfectly shaped according to your hand shape and preference.
Square nails: Square nails are personalized, leading the trend, not easy to break and suitable for professional women and white-collar workers.
Square: The front and sides of the nail are straight and the corners are round. It looks very sturdy, feels soft and suitable for joints and slender fingers.
Oval: Oval nails, from the free edge to the front of the nail like the oval outline, is a traditional oriental shape.
Pointed shape: Because of the small contact area, it is easy to break and suitable only for people with hard nails.
A velvet case to prevent it from scratching table and stabbing other items and a hard and beautiful protective cover are recommended while you need to carry it.
Avoid storing it under heavy objects or pressure, such as a bag or drawer, lest it is crushed unconsciously.
Keep it out of the reach of children.
· ②PRODUCT DESCRIPTION☞Set includes 1crystal glass nail files. Fine grit is fixed on the abrasive surface of the file permanently, you may destroy it or lose it but never wear it out.
· ③HIGH QUALITY☞no matter what you do, if you want the best results, you must have the professional tools. Our premium glass nail file can make your nails smooth without jagged edges, and reduce nail splitting, chipping and flaking. After use, wash the glass nail file with warm soapy water to ensure the best performance of the nail file in the next time · 
· ④THE PERFECT GIFT☞nails are the focus of the beauty of the hand, and beautiful nails can add womanly charms. If you want to bring a little salon-style care to a female friend or family member, this beautiful nail file set is the best choice.
· ⑤QUALITY ASSURANCE☞Because of its excellent quality, we are very confident that you will love our product. And we also provide a 100% money back guarantee if there is any problem in our product. Contact us according to buyer’s information and we will refund you in full.


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