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If you ever purchased other car wash liquid but also had a chance to try ours, I’m sure you will come back to this one because of its concentrated consistency. If you like lots of suds you can make them by stirring as you add the water, or if you don’t want suds just putting water in the bucket and then adding the concentrate makes it less foamy. A little bit goes a long way.
The Advantages of Our Car-wash Liquid
— 1:1000 ultra-concentrated formula
— Neutral formula, not hurt car paint
— Foam rich
— Pure natural fruit aroma
— Small volume, easy to store
— Eco-friendly, non-polluting, biodecomposable

How to use:
1. Open this product and pour into the car wash bucket
2. Fill the car wash bucket with water
Not edible, please put high place, do not let children touch, if accidentally enter your eye, please use a large amount of water rinse, serious please seek medical attention.

Use environment:
-Indoor, no direct sunlight, as much as possible dust-free
-Temperature: storage environment of 10°C~ 30°C
-Temperature: 10°C~ 25°C
What’s in the Package?

10 x Car Wash Concentrate

【Super Concentrated Formula】The concentrated car wash lotion adopted pure natural coconut oil neutral formula, increased the concentration ratio to 1:1000 instead of regular ratio of 1: 100, which doesn’t take much each car wash but produces richer, smoother and brighter lather and lifts surface dirt
【Provides Deep Cleaning】Our highly concentrated car shampoo leaves your car’s bodywork sparkling clean with rapid and effective streak-free results. Protecting your car paint and wake up car paint gloss. No hurt of your hands either. It releases natural fruit fragrance which adds more joy during washing
【Environmentally Friendly】This concentrated car wash detergent with neutral formula doesn’t produce any environmental pollution. The product is mild and does not contain phosphorus, which is easy to clean without leaving any residue.
【Individual Package】It comes with 10 individual packages that makes cleaning quick and easy. The package is small but sufficient if you empty them to a bucket of water and wash your car from the mixture of water and soap.
【No-Risk Purchase】We are dedicated to providing all customers with high quality products and perfect shopping experience. If there are any questions about our car wash concentrate, you will receive a fast reply within 24 hours.


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