Compostable Dog Poop Bags | 10% to Charity | Biodegradable Vegetable Based | Eco and Earth Friendly Disposable Doggie Waste Baggies | Leakproof and Zero Odor Green Pet Supplies | Easy Compost Disposal

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poop bags for dogspoop bags for dogs

Poop Bags

Poop Bags



Leak proof

Leak proof



100% Back To Nature Promise!

All our products have a strict 100% back to nature promise. Please refer to the product bullet points for information on our certifications.

10% to Charity!

10% of all our profits go to the Soi Dog Foundation!

But thats not all! Keep scrolling to see how else we donate to charity!

Leak Proof!

Being friendly to the earth doesn’t have to come at the cost of quality. Our bags 18 microns thick and extra strong!

Packaging From Reused Materials!

All our packaging is made from reused cardboard so you can pick up your pups poop guilt free ๐Ÿ™‚

charity giving backcharity giving back

Charity Is Massive For Us!

10% of all profits go to the Soi Dog Foundation… Which goes to help dogs like Lizardon and Pichai who were rescued from the streets of Thailand by our friends at the Soi Dog Foundation and given a second chance at life.

But thats not all… Check out some of the other ways we help our furry friends below!

Donate products to charity events!
Donate products to shelters to help them go green!
Donate 10% of profits to the Soi Dog Foundation!

company photocompany photo

Who we are…

Iโ€™m Curtis and this is my wife Katie, and itโ€™s our mission to change the pet industry! How?

High Quality Products That You and Your Fur Babies Will Love.
Sustainable and Ethical Products.
Give 10% of Profits to Animal Protection Charities and Help as Many Animals As Possible Along The Way.

3 Millions Bags Saved From Landfills + 1800 Animals Saved So Far

We are proud of what weโ€™ve done so far but weโ€™ve got so much more work to do. We value your support and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming on this journey with us…

Introducing Some Of Our Fans!







This is Red…

Red might look cute, but Red’s secretly a little badass and loves tearing around the house keeping his dads on edge.

Red thinks being eco conscious is a big deal and loves how the GAS bags don’t sacrifice on quality in order to be good for the environment.

Jack is a total poser and loves having his photo taken!

He’s not really into saving the environment or donating to charity, but the GAS bags definitely get him more likes on instagram. Eco is totally in right now xx

Teddy is a total snow bunny and loves long walks out in the wilderness!

He’s also a huge fan of ball sports and loves to play with any ball he can get his paws on.

Ted’s love of the outdoors has turned him into a bit of an eco warrior! Therefor having these dog poop bags on hand when he goes for walks was a total must have ๐Ÿ™‚

Dog Poop BagsDog Poop Bags

๐ŸŒฑ 100% BIODEGRADABLE AND COMPOSTABLE – Our poop bags for dogs are ethically sourced and carefully manufactured from 100% botanical plant components. We use only Cornstarch, BPAT (biodegradable and compostable polymer), and edible glycerin in the nature-based creation of our dog waste bags. All our products are TรœV AUSTRIA Home Compost Certified to be of ASTM D6400 and EN 13432 standards! Because we give a shhh
๐ŸŒŽ CRAFTED FROM RECYCLED MATERIALS – Our dog bags are a zero-waste green alternative that will change the way you look at everyday pet and dog supplies. They pay homage to the Green Movement with a spirited lime green color scheme, plus a box and reel made from 100% recycled cardboard. Fits most dispensers.
๐Ÿ’ฉ LEAKPROOF AND ODORLESS – Let’s face it, dog poop smells like…well, you know. Minimize the Ew! factor so you can relax and enjoy all of the sights (and smells) on walks with your furry best friend. Our doggie bags for poop are engineered to a durable 18 micron thickness that locks away odors and guarantees a mess-free leakproof seal.
๐Ÿถ GIVING BACK TO OUR ANIMAL FRIENDS – We are big believers in the power of charity to not only transform the lives of other beings, but to transform our own. We’ve partnered with the Soi Dog Foundation, whose mission is to improve the lives of dogs and cats in Asia. We donate 10% of all profits to the Soi Dog Foundation and their tireless quest to end animal suffering.


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