Compostable Cups 12oz 100pack Biodegradable/Disposable Green/Recyclable Eco Friendly Bamboo Hot Cups



Green Solutions Products compostable bamboo cups provide an opportunity for the environmentally conscious to continue to use disposables without worrying about plastic or paper waste. Our recyclable and biodegradable cups do not use polyethelyne (PE or plastic) coating that is widely used on most disposable cups. We use poly lactic acid (PLA or Cornstarch) coating with no difference in quality and all of the difference for the environment. This eco friendly option is best for a workplace that has green values, any event, or just to have around the house for on-the-go coffee!

Green Solutions is focused on creating environmentally sustainable products for you. Our PLA coated (cornstarch) compostable cups made from bamboo pulp, are our first step into fulflling our mission.
Thank you for choosing Green Solutions!

Our compostable cup is made from bamboo, a much more renewable, eco friendly resource than conventional trees. Bamboo reaches maturity and is able to be harvested at a 1000% higher rate.
Our biodegradable product breaks down more easily than plastic or paper cups. This disposable product is ideal for industrial composting. This product can be backyard composted, however; at a longer rate than industrial composting.
The bamboo cup is more durable, despite the alternative material. It is capable of holding hot or cold liquids.
Our recyclable packaging comes with 100 compstable cups that is perfect for any party or event no matter how many people!
Stay green and eco friendly with our product. In addition to growing at a faster rate than conventional trees, bamboo also releases more oxygen into the environment!


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