Bridgestone Tour Mix 48 Recycled Golf Balls, White (Packaging may vary)



The Bridgestone B330 is designed for golfers seeking exceptional, consistent performance while achieving incredible distance and optimal greenside control. The B330 is a harder feeling, Tour-caliber golf ball that spins less and will have a lower trajectory than the Bridgestone B330-S. If you have a high trajectory and feel like you are losing distance because the ball is ballooning on you, this is the ball you need to play. The Tour B330 has a lower flight trajectory and less spin on shorter wedge shots than the B330-S.

48 Bridgestone Tour golf balls
Style include RX, rds., B330, b330s
Quality is 3a/4a Mix. Playable, but cosmetically challenged
Enjoy many of the top styles from this brand at up to 85% off the new ball price, without affecting playability
Note: The balls might come with a different packaging and might not include the Box.


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