Bamboo Travel Utensil Set with Carrying Case, Sustainable, Eco Friendly Cutlery Flatware Set, Reusable and Portable



Bamboo Travel Utensil Set with Carrying Case – Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Cutlery Flatware Set – Reusable – Portable for Travel, Office, School or Camping Designed for: A single-use plastic alternative Lightweight and portable to carry anywhere Simple roll-up carrying case to protect your utensils Bag Qualities- 1) Made of softer but still durable material that feels better than hard stiff canvas 2) Deep pockets to securely hold your flatware eliminating a need for a flimsy elastic band 3)Extra material to completely protect your tools 4) Unique Elastic-Button Closure for a more secure packaging 5) Our ‘Grab Tab’ for easy opening and closing Your kit includes: – 1 Spoon 7 7/8in (20cm) X 1 1/2in (4cm) wide – 1 Fork 7 7/8in (20cm) – 1 Serrated Knife 7 1/2in (19cm) – 1 Set of Chopsticks 8 1/4in (21cm) – 1 Straw 8 1/4in (21cm) Why Bamboo? Well as one of the world’s fastest growing plants (and without pesticides or fertilizers), bamboo is a very sustainable resource. And, yes, we said Plant and not Tree. Bamboo is part of the Grass Family. Another sustainable feature is that after harvest Bamboo will continue to grow, there is no need for replanting. One of the most important features of your Utensil Set is that Bamboo is a very Strong and Flexible material. Stronger than Oak Wood and one of the most flexible materials available.

ZERO WASTE Bamboo is an Eco-Friendly; sustainable material allowing you to say no to single use plastic and feel good about reducing plastic waste
CONVENIENT and PORTABLE Lightweight and portable; Take it everywhere; Great for Travel; The Office; School; Backpacking; Camping or just a nice Picnic; Fits easily into your; Bag; Purse; Briefcase; Lunch Box; Suitcase or Backpack
DURABLE Bamboo is known for its strength and flexibility characteristics; this gives you peace of mind that you are purchasing a quality; long lasting product
REUSABLE Long-lasting; Easy care; Hand washing is recommended for a longer life
THOUGHTFUL DESIGN Our rollup bag is made of a soft yet strong material to best protect your utensils; An extra almost 2 inches (5cm) of material at the end of the bag gives extra protection to your utensils; Extra tall pockets for a secure fit; The unique Button Elastic closure gives it a snug secure fit and the easy Grab Tab makes it easy to open and close; A Complete Set; This set comes complete with a full set of utensils; Fork; Spoon; Knife; Chopsticks and a Straw


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