Bamboo Cotton Makeup Remover Pads Reusable, Organic Cloths 16 Pack Washable, Laundry Bag, Facial Clean Pads For Lip Mascara Eye Shadow Lipstick Foundation, Eco Friendly & Harmless



Product Description

reusable makeup remover padsreusable makeup remover pads

reusable makeup remover pads

70% bamboo plus 30% cotton — 100% natural reusable washable

Save your money and our planet.

A Great Gift Choice,LHIUEM’s reusable makeup remover pad is the perfect gift for makeup enthusiasts . This is also a good choice for anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day and even new homes.

Compact Easy to Carry,With standard palm size and light weight design, these reusable remover pads take up no space. Great for the gym or everyday cleaning; Perfect for journey, which can be easily and conveniently to carry with laundry bag in your travel bag or luggage.

We are committed to protecting your skin health and maintaining your beauty.

reusable cotton padreusable cotton pad

bamboo cotton rounds


Healthy & Economical

Palm Sizes with Soft Surface
Daily Cleaning & Travel Use
Compact Easy to Carry
Hand & Machine Wash

Reusable Use Up to 1600 Times

100% washable and reusable Natural organic bamboo makeup remover cotton

Easy to maintain,Washed by hand or Machine wash.

Sixteen tablets can be used thousands of times.

Replacing disposable products with natural products has always been our goal.

Let’s start with the replacement of disposable makeup removal pad.

A set of 16 pieces, 1 laundry bag;This intimate combination will satisfy you perfectly.

3 layers with Tight sewing, premium quality design, these reusable wipes will last for years,Very durable.

face cloth makeup removerface cloth makeup remover


LHIUEM makeup remover cotton is made of organic bamboo cotton kapok, easy to absorb, super fluffy soft makeup remover cotton, comfortable fabric can effectively clean pores, go deep into pores, effective makeup remover.

LHIUEM bamboo cotton makeup remover pad can be used: facial skin, eyes, lips, neck, etc.

LHIUEM bamboo cotton makeup remover pad can remove mascara, eye shadow, foundation, lipstick, eyebrow pencil and other makeup.

Our natural bamboo makeup remover pad can be safely used on all types of skin, including sensitive skin, dry or oily skin without any discomfort. Suitable for all ages!

Quality You Can Trust LHIUEM has high-quality products available for everyone

net zero bamboo cotton

net zero bamboo cotton

reusable cotton pads

reusable cotton pads

reuseable cotton rounds

reuseable cotton rounds


Each of them can be cleaned and reused hundreds of times. the package includes 16 makeup remover pads and Laundry Bag, which can easily remove makeup and effectively clean the skin.


Add your favourite cleanser on the pads,Gently massage the pads on your skin in circular motions,Rinse and repeat until you are feeling fresh.


The reusable cotton pad is easy to maintain. Hand wash and machine wash are allowed, Please put the makeup remover pads in the laundry bag and tighten them to prevent the bamboo cotton round pads from falling off during the washing process.

makeup remover matmakeup remover mat

zero waste &organic

Our reusable products are made from organic bamboo cotton, and our packaging is recyclable, realizing the sustainable development of zero waste.We take pride in making reusable, organic products because we want to take care of both your skin and the earth.

You know that you are buying from a trusted brand. We focus on products that are not only Health and safety, but also work in full compliance with regulations.
If you don’t like the reusable cotton swabs or feel uncomfortable when using them, please let us know and we will refund you and give you free of charge

🌿Soft and Natural Materials: Natural bamboo cotton rounds are great to clean your pores, cleanse your skin and apply toner. Fiber nutrition tissue is extracted from natural bamboo, with good absorption, blended with 100% organic natural cotton, no chemicals to stimulate the skin. Each round face pad measures 3.15 inches in diameter and can be washed around 200 times.
🌿Clean Thoroughly: Our organic makeup remover pads has 3 layers organic cloth, which are effectively to clean deep into your pores and pull all of makeup, sunscreen, chemicals, cosmetics out. It is clear and thorough, does not leave traces on the skin, does not cause irritation to the skin, maintains the skin well.
💸Washable and Save Your Money: Reusable bamboo cotton rounds is washable, you can put the pads into the laundry bag when wash them to avoid the pads disappear in the washer, regular wash and reuse. Easy drying and hanging in the shower.
🌿Wide Range : Bamboo fiber organic cotton pads for face, lips, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, foundation. No matter you are dry, oil or sensitive skin. makeup remover pads to remove makeup and effectively cleanse the skin in one easy step. 100% guaranteed and zero risk.


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