Asiopphire Double Sided Silicone Scrubbing Sponges – Odor and Germ Resistant Food Grade Washing Pads for Food, Dishes, and Baby Bottles. Dish Washer Safe, Long Lasting Design. 2 Sizes, 4 Pack



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Asiopphire silicone sponges dish spongeAsiopphire silicone sponges dish sponge


silicone sponges for dishessilicone sponges for dishes

Many silicone sponge brands will leave you less than thrilled, with flimsy designs that just don’t clean well enough and force you to keep adding more and more soap.

That’s why we created our dual-sided, high quality, durable Silicone Dish Sponge, an all-around BETTER silicone sponge designed to be stronger and longer-lasting than other brands. And while other silicone scrubbers don’t hold on to soap well, our sponge is made to work efficiently with all your favorite soaps and degreasers – which means you can use even less cleaning fluids.

The Asiopphire Silicone Dish Sponge 4-Pack features:

– 4 BPA-free silicone sponges

– Dual-sided design for both washing and scrubbing

– Highly flexible body for cleaning tight spaces and irregular shapes

– High quality, food-grade silicone

– Long-lasting and durable

– 4 colors to avoid cross-contamination

– Hanging hoops for easy storage!

dish sponges antibacterial

dish sponges antibacterial

dish silicon sponge

dish silicon sponge

dishwashing scrubber

dishwashing scrubber


Here’s what you’ll get in your Silicone Dish Sponge 4-Pack:

2 Square Sponges for Dishwashing

-1 softly textured side for washing & degreasing

-1 short-bristled side for heavy-duty scrubbing

2 Oval Sponges for Housework

-1 softly textured side for cleaning smooth surfaces

-1 long-bristled side for scrubbing rougher or grimier surfaces


Our sustainable silicone sponges are designed to be more durable than the average sponge – and dishwasher-safe! No more throwing out sponges once they start to smell and fall apart, creating more waste to damage the planet. Simply toss your silicone sponge in the dishwasher to disinfect and eliminate microbes – for a cleaner, safer, longer lasting cleaning tool for the family.


At Asiopphire, we’re committed to designing the durable, efficient supplies you need for a clean and beautiful family home – and a sustainable lifestyle. We use our sponges in our own homes, testing for long-lasting quality and functionality until we pinpoint just the right design. Our products are backed by our customer happiness promise. When our customers are happy, we’re happy!

IF YOU’VE TRIED OTHER silicone kitchen sponge brands before, you may have been stuck with a FLIMSY dishwashing sponge that just wasn’t up to the task. Asiopphire Silicone Dish Sponges are designed STRONGER, with more DURABLE, HIGHER GRADE SILICONE bristles that LAST LONGER than other reusable sponges. Made of BPA-free, food-grade silicone, our food grade dish sponges 4-pack includes 2 SPONGE TYPES to cater to every task – washing dishes, cleaning veggies, housework, even as heat-safe grips!
UNLIKE OTHER silicone dish scrubber designs that DON’T HOLD ON TO SOAP – so you have to keep adding more – our silicone scrubber for dishes WORKS EFFICIENTLY with your favorite soaps and degreasers, so you can USE LESS cleaning fluids. In fact, this kitchen scrubber is designed to make cleaning more efficient all around, with a FLEXIBLE body made to fit effortlessly inside TIGHT SPACES, around irregular shapes like faucets and drains, and over the lip edges of pots, pans, bottles and glasses.
DESIGNED FOR EVERY TASK! Each silicon sponge pack comes with 4 DUAL-SIDED large sponges: 2 square DISHWASHING sponges + 2 oval sponges perfect for household CLEANING. Our square dish wash sponges have a softly textured pattern on 1 side for washing and DEGREASING, and short, slightly pointed bristles on the other side for heavy SCRUBBING. The oval reusable sponge is designed with longer, round-tipped bristles for HOUSEWORK. Color-coordinated with HANGING HOOPS to avoid cross-contamination!
KINDER TO THE PLANET – and SAFER FOR YOUR FAMILY. Did you know that when a sponge starts to smell, it means millions of tiny and potentially dangerous MICROBES ARE TRAPPED in it? That’s why we’ve made our durable, BPA-FREE scrubbing sponges DISHWASHER-SAFE – so you can easily ELIMINATE ALL of that. That means a safer sponge for your family, and a SUSTAINABLE cleaning tool that lasts longer than the average sponge for dishes – helping REDUCE WASTE and protect the earth.
AT ASIOPPHIRE, WE’RE COMMITTED to creating the DURABLE, EFFICIENT home & dish washing accessories you need for a CLEAN, SUSTAINABLE home. We use our sponges in our own home, testing for LONG-LASTING QUALITY and functionality. When our customers are happy, we’re happy – which is why we back our dish scrubbers with our CUSTOMER HAPPINESS PROMISE. If for any reason you don’t love your sponge, WE WILL MAKE IT RIGHT.


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