AlterEco Plant based Eco friendly Zero Waste Biodegradable Dish Brush Set | 10 Piece Dishwashing Sponge and Bamboo Vegetable Scrubber Kit | Includes natural wooden cleaning brush, kitchen dish sponge.



Say Not Today Plastic! – AlterEco Plant Based dish brush sets are made from 100% natural fibres and Zero plastic, making it easy for anyone to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Our Biodegradable, Compostable and sustainably sourced dish cleaners are non-toxic and made from all-natural bamboo wood, beechwood, coconut husks, sisal, luffa, cellulose and cotton. The durability of these natural fibre eco friendly scrub brush for dishes makes them a perfect addition to your kitchen or as a gift for loved ones. Versatility, with 10 eco friendly dish scrubber and dish sponge items, you’ve got all bases covered. The bamboo scrub brush with long handle takes care of delicate plates and bowls while the natural bottle brush makes light work of hard to reach glasses and cups. The coconut fibre wooden dish scrub brush is great for pots and pans, and doubles as a vegetable brush and the cellulose dishcloth can be used to wipe kitchen tops and surfaces. Help reduce the impact on our planet and oceans by switching to plastic-free alternatives today. So what’s in the box? 🌎 1 x Bamboo dish brush with handle, removable and replaceable head. 🌎 3 x bamboo brush replacement heads. 🌎 1 x Coconut fibre bottle brush. 🌎 1 x Coconut fibre wooden dish brush. 🌎 2 x Natural fibre Loofah sponge. 🌎 2 x Cellulose dishcloths. Why Choose AlterEco Products? We want you to be happy, and we stand by our products. We truly believe that everyone has the ability to reduce the impact on the world around us. By purchasing these products, you’re not only reducing your footprint, but part of your sale goes towards ocean conservation projects. Caring for your products – All products are made from natural products and need to be hand washed and air dried, except for the Cellulose dishcloth, which can be washed in your dishwasher. This will stop the wood from cracking so they can last as long as possible. With proper care, the brushes can last for up to 1 year.

🌎 Plastic Free – This kitchen brush set is made from Zero plastic and 100% natural plant fibres. Most brushes, even some labelled “eco” use plastic or animal hair bristles. Not us, we want to make it easy to have an impact, live sustainably and create a zero waste home. Our kitchen brushes for dishes are long-lasting and at the end of their life are biodegradable and compostable. Each natural dish brush is toxic-free, meaning no nasty chemicals in the kitchen or the environment.
🌎 Natural Durability – Our eco friendly products are made from High Quality materials ensuring they are long-lasting. Natural fibre bamboo bottle brush and pot brush bristles are Non-scratching providing protection when cleaning bottles, dishes, pots, pans and more. Cellulose kitchen cleaning sponge cloths are durable, absorbent and hygienic. Our eco friendly loofah sponge is compressed, joined and sewed to make a compact, long-lasting scrubber. Remember – hand wash and air dry items after use.
🌎 Versatility – Bamboo dish brush can be used for plates, bowls, cutlery and most dishes. Coconut fibre bottle brush takes care of glasses, cups mugs and jars. Coconut fibre wooden dish brush works great for pots and pans. Natural fibre Loofah sponge is great for small containers, plates and cutlery and the Cellulose dishcloths are perfect for wiping surfaces and are dishwasher friendly. For all other items, hand wash and air dry for maximum life.
🌎 Perfect Go Green Gift Idea – Know someone who loves eco friendly products, or wants to move towards a plastic free, zero waste lifestyle? Look no further! This natural dish brush set is a great way to reduce our reliance on plastic products. All packed up and ready to go, your friends and family will love you for loving the planet. A kind Christmas Gift, Wedding Gift, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries and any time you just want to say Thank You.
🌎 If for any reason your Eco Dish Brush set is not what you needed, contact us for a 100% replacement or refund – whichever you choose, your complete satisfaction is essential to our business.


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