All natural bamboo like palm leaf plates and cutlery set, eco friendly sustainable dinnerware, 25 10″ plates, 25 8″ plates, 50 wood forks, 50 wood knives



Are you worried about the environment when you use disposable plates? Want to reduce your carbon footprint and be green? Then try our 100% NATURAL PALM LEAF PLATES 🌴. Our plates are the most environmentally friendly plates available. Manufacturing other “natural” disposable plates leaves a large carbon footprint. The material of those plates must be shredded, chemically processed, and then dried by heat. Our plates are made by pressing a leaf into the shape of a plate.

Worried about plastic chemicals leaching into your food? NO CHEMICALS are used in the manufacturing process. These plates do not contain plastic or any additives. As a result, the product is chemical free.

These are made from naturally fallen palm leaves. The leaves are collected, cleaned, and pressed into the shape of a plate.
After you are done, put the plate into your home compost. They will compost naturally along with anything else in your compost. Your garden will be invigorated by the unique compounds found in palm leaves.
The forks and knives are made out of beechwood, a fast growing sustainable tree.

These plates are both strong and lightweight. No other man made disposable plate can hold as much weight as these plates and be light as these plates.
From our testing, each plate can hold at least 20 pounds. The plates can hold much more, but we’re not strong enough to hold the plate long enough for a picture!

Like you, these plates are different in every way. The material is different from any other plate. These plates go back to the basics to make product guaranteed to be chemical free. When you get them, you’ll see that each plate is like a fingerprint, unique just like you. Complement yourself with these plates!

💪 STRONG and LIGHTWEIGHT: Tested to hold at least 20 lbs of weight, including moist/wet food. The plates are like bamboo and wood disposable plates but are light as a feather.
🍃 100% NATURAL: Made from naturally fallen palm leaves. No trees were cut down to make these plates. No chemicals are used. These are the most green and eco-friendly plates available.
♻️ COMPOSTABLE and BIODEGRADABLE: These plates are literally dried palm leaves. Put them in your home compost after you are done. Other natural plates must be industrially composted.
🔁 100% SUSTAINABLE: You can’t buy a more sustainable disposable plate. Other types of disposable plates leave a large carbon foot print because the material must be heavily processed.
🦄 STYLISH and UNIQUE: Each plate is unique, like a fingerprint. Each plate has a beautiful pattern, color, and texture. Although all are different, each plate is equally strong and durable.


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