9 Food Grade Reusable Storage Bags and 15 Reusable Mesh Produce Bags – BPA Free – Eco-Friendly – Washable and See-Through – 3 Sizes

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Product Description

reusable freezer bagsreusable freezer bags

mesh bagsmesh bags

reusable freezer bagsreusable freezer bags



1pack reusable freezer bag can replace up to 380+ disposable plastic bag, save our planet and save your money.


Made of food grade, recyclable, PEVA material, free of BPA/PVC/lead/chloride, totally safe to pack your family’s or kids’ lunch on the go.


With an upgraded ziplock closures sealing technology, our bags are sealed, leak-proof, waterproof and hygienic, perfect for storing and preserving food.


4 x reusable gallon freezer bags (11.2 x 11.2 inch/1 gallon)

reusable mesh bagsreusable mesh bags

Please Note:

1. Our produce bags are not leafy green vegetable storage bags, it can’t keep vegetable fresher, our goal is to reduce the use of plastic.

2. Machine Wash Cold, No Bleach, No Machine Dry and No Iron.

3. It is best to wash by hand, If you need machine wash, please follow these tips: pull all in one bag, tighten the drawstring of the bag, then insert the spring clasp and rope into the bag.

freezer bags

freezer bags

freezer bags

freezer bags

freezer bags

freezer bags

100% Food Safe

Reusable gallon freezer bags adopt food-grade PEVA material, no silicone, no plastic, no PVC, no chloride, and BPA FREE, which are perfect bags for food storage.

Leakproof & FREEZER SAFE

Reusable freezer bags are designed to lock out freezer burn while keeping food full of original flavor.

Durable & Sustainable

With better durability due to the thickened design, 1 set reusable gallon bag can save up to 2000+ disposable plastic bags, which replaces plastic bags perfectly and reduces environmental pollution.

mesh bags

mesh bags



mesh bags

mesh bags

Say Bye to Plastic Bags

Seal these reusable bags you do not have to tie knots like plastic bags, just pull the drawstring and push the toggle tight, no flies can come through once done. Reusable produce bag can last for a long time

See Through & Breathable

Mesh bags are nearly transparent, bar codes will scan right through our produce bags easily, so you’ll never have an issue with the cashier not being able to see the item numbers during grocery shopping. Also your veggies and fruits will be kept fresh for a longer time.

Colorful Tare Weights

Color tags with tare weights measure in gram, oz, lb for direct deducting the bag’s weight, which makes easier for you to calculate the weight when you shopping with these bags, so you won’t pay extra when checking out during grocery shopping.

✅【SAFETY & FOOD GRADE MATERIAL】 BPA free and 100% food contact safe, with the highest standards of quality, safely hold all your produce.
✅【REDUCE PLASTIC WASTE】 One reusable food storage bags can replace up to 380+ disposable plastic bags, one mesh bags has the potential to eliminate up to 1000 plastic bags over it’s lifetime.
✅【SCAN THROUGH EASILY 】 Reusable mesh bags is nearly transparent so you can easily see through the bag to know what’s inside; bar-codes will scan right in the bag so that the cashier will be able to see the item numbers and also make your checkout faster.
✅【LEAK-PROOF & FREEZER SAFE】 Reusable freezer bags feature an upgraded zipper closures sealing technology that is more sealed, leak-proof. It can classify and organize your food, and also keep your food fresh. The freezer is safe.
✅【EASY TO CLEAN】 Just rinse it with water, then they are good to go again. We recommend HAND WASH, for the dishwasher will damage the double closure of the reusable freezer bags.


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