[85 SETS] 16 oz Disposable Double Walled Hot Cups with Lids – No Sleeves needed Premium Insulated Ripple Wall Hot Coffee Tea Chocolate Drinks Perfect Travel To Go Paper Cup and lid Brown Geometric




Product Description

Give Natures Best, Get Natures Best

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Paper Products For The Health Of Our Environment

When using paper products you know the waste will be around a significantly less amount of time than if you were using plastic. Our paper made products spend degrade at a much faster rate than other more harmful materials. This means that our environmental impact will be significantly reduced when you opt to use products that are made with paper.

And all these products are made with 100% sustainably farmed resources. We make paper cups, straws, and other products. Our individual paper straws are made from one of our many plant-based substitutes. This helps replace materials that are harmful to our environment by being able to decompose anywhere, including our oceans and lakes without hurting our ocean and wildlife!

Sustainably Farmed


Made From Renewable Resources

paper cups, coffee, cuppaper cups, coffee, cup

Our Paper Cups Are Fully Customisable With A Full Range Of Printable Colors

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Environmentally Conscious

We use only sustainably farmed trees so that no tree goes unplaced and to help stop deforestation.

Our ultimate goal with the production of our paper straws is to help reduce the pollution of our oceans. So many of our societies plastic straws end up in our waters and hurting our marine life.

You can be the difference that the environment needs.


Made With Renewable Resources

Color Customization

Personalize Your Paper Cups To Fit Your Specific Needs

Both of our single and double-wall paper cups have full color customization. The cups come with pre-printed colors however the colors for our cups can be changed and customized to fit your specific wants or needs. Print your companies logo or place a fun design on the cups

Print Simple Designs

Print Your Logo Onto The Cup

Single Full Colors Can Be Printed Onto The Cup

coffee, paper cups, trees, forestcoffee, paper cups, trees, forest

Made Sturdy & Strong

Our double-wall paper cups are thick enough to avoid using a cup sleeve. We carry varying sizes for both our double-wall and single-wall cups and both can be printed on.

Our paper straws are also customizable, with a range of colors that can be printed onto the straws.

beach, recyclable, paper productbeach, recyclable, paper product

The Safety Of Our Oceans

The production of paper straws has helped to begin cleaning and freeing our oceans form the waste and damage plastic straws leave behind.

Plastic straws are very damaging to our oceans and the wildlife that resides in it. Our paper straws take a significantly shorter amount of time to rip apart when introduced to water than plastic.

When you use our paper straws you are ensuring that less plastic waste ends up on in our oceans creating a better oceanic environment for our marine wildlife.

DOUBLE-WALL HEAT RESISTANT CUP and TIGHTLY FITTED BLACK LIDS with INSULATION FOR SAFE GRIP HOLDING AND DRINKING; Improved over double walled design, Elegant presentation with no wasteful cup sleeves or java jacket needed. Also perfect for espresso, cappuccino, Latte, dessert coffee, cocoa, hot lemonade or any other hot beverage including a simple cup of hot water
ENVIRONMENTAL ECO SAFE and FRIENDLY; Unlike a styrofoam or a plastic cup or mug that cannot withstand high heat. These perfectly portion 16oz double-walled cups are made with recyclable, compostable and renewable paper materials that does not strain the earth
CHIC DESIGN BROWN GEOMETRIC PRINT; Perfect look to fit any gathering, party or occasion, looks good with stainless steel, glass or classic tableware, keep some stored in the pantry for guests or leave them next to your coffeemaker keurig machine for a cup of hot drink togo!
TRIPLE SAFE AND MICROWAVABLE; Please always be cautious of hot drinks. However, these hot cups are comparatively safer kids enjoying that cup of hot tea, they are also microwave safe
QUALITY GUARANTEED; If not we will replace for free, product also insured for up to 5 Million USD


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