[500 Count] 9 X 6″ Clamshell Disposable Eco Containers Togo Food Microwavable Hinged Container Boxes – Restaurant Carryout Lunch Meal Takeout Storage Food Service (9×6 inch, Single Compartment)




Product Description

Sugarcane, The Gift Of A Healthier Planet

bagasse, clamshell, sugarcane, hinged containerbagasse, clamshell, sugarcane, hinged container

No More Wasted Materials

Our society is fast-moving and with all these fast food and to-go meals, we use a lot of disposable tableware. Too often this tableware is made up of rather harmful materials such as plastic. These materials can take decades to decompose and that can put a real strain on our environment.

With the rise of landfills and the amount of garbage that is disposed of daily. When we can use would be waste to make compostable products, we call that a win.

The natural fibers that are used for the production of our Bagasse items are strong and very durable, and as a plus, these fibers leave little to no carbon footprint on our environment.

Made for elegance
100% compostable
Microwave ready
Cut Resistant
Totally safe, totally natural
Made from sugarcane by-products

sugarcane, bagassesugarcane, bagasse

Use The Sugarcane Waste

Our Bagasse products are made from the fibers that are left over during the production of sugar, turning would-be waste into compostable products.

bowl, 32ozbowl, 32oz

Our Bagasse Bowls Are Microwave Safe, Sturdy, and Made From Renewable Resources

sugarfiber, sugarcane, sugar, bagassesugarfiber, sugarcane, sugar, bagasse

Making A Difference

Our bagasse products are made with the environments well-being in mind.

Because we use a resource that would be otherwise marked as waste. When you purchase our bagasse products you make the conscious choice to lessen your carbon footprint on our environment.

Great for the Environment

Made from Leftover Sugarcane Pulp

Fully Compostable

Made Tough, Durable, and Great for the Environment

Microwave Safe

Our Bagasse products can be used inside of a microwave. While plastic and styrofoam will have problems when placed inside of a microwave our Bagasse products do not.

Whether you are re-heating food or taking it hot off the grill our Bagasse products can take the heat.

Microwave Safe

Hot and Cold

Sturdy and Cut Resistant

No artifical coating, petroleium, wax, chlorine or bleach


plate, bagasse

tray, bagasse

bowl, bagasse

hinged container, clamshell, bagasse

square plate, bagasse

acanthus plate, floral plate, bagasse

3 Compartment 10inch Plate

22oz Utility Tray

32oz Bowl

10in x 10in Hinged Container

9.5inch Square Plate

10inch Acanthus Floral Plate

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Available Lid

COUNT OF 500: 10 bundles of 50 calmshell containers packaged together, Need more? Purchase our supplies in bulk by purchasing a full case for the office, a party, or your business!
ATTRACTIVE & ELEGANT: Our products are made of Earth’s ingredients giving them a natural and pleasant look. Showcase your food with this attractive container made to keep our environment healthy and thriving
MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Small things make a large impact! Each individual container is made from recyclable bagasse, one of our many plant-based substitutes. Our to go premium organic straws are out to replace materials that are harmful to our environment.
GIVE YOUR BUSINESS AN EDGE: Demonstrate to your customers that you are an eco-business and that you are environmentally conscious by using our wide variety of sustainable tableware
If you’re not satisfied with our products we will replace it for free. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is something wrong with your order. Happy shopping!


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