3-Pack (6 oz Spray Cans): SPF 50 Coral Isles Reef Friendly Sunscreen Mist (No Oxybenzone, No Octinoxate, Hawaii Compliant)(Broad Spectrum, Very Water Resistant, Non-Aerosol)



This sunscreen is made of Avobenzone and Octocrylene. These are globally approved sunscreen ingredients. All of our ingredients are tested for Broad Spectrum and Water Resistance claims. This spray does not contain the ingredients that Hawaii has banned and deemed harmful to the reefs. This spray is not a mineral sunscreen and is not made of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Please check your travel destination’s standards for sunscreen use; different locations have different guidelines as to which sunscreen ingredients are able to be used at their location. This spray is bag-on-valve, it is non-aerosol. Coral reef death is happening at a rapid pace. While sunscreen is not the main cause, we would like to do our part and reduce even the smallest amount of ecosystem damage. According to the National Park Service, “4,000 to 6,000 TONS of sunscreen enters reef areas annually. This does not spread out rapidly or evenly over the entire ocean, but concentrates on popular tourist sites. It is estimated that 90% of snorkeling/diving tourists are concentrated on 10% of the world’s reefs.” “Seawater surrounding coral exposed to sunscreen contained up to 15 times more viruses than unexposed samples… the effect is not dose dependent—so coral’s exposure to a very small dose of sunscreen is just as dangerous as a high exposure.” Hawaii is working on two bills about learning how common sunscreen ingredients harm coral reefs, and banning use or application of sunscreen with damaging ingredients like oxybenzone and octinoxate, neither of which Coral Isles has. Please help us educate people about the how harmful wearing the wrong sunscreen into the water can be – and let them know that even if they just wear it on the beach and don’t go into the ocean, it can still make its way to the water through showering, restroom use, or walking on the sand. Let’s work together to save the reefs from future damage!

REEF FRIENDLY, HAWAII COMPLIANT ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Coral Isles Sunscreen is friendlier towards coral reef conservation and preservation because it has no Oxybenzone and no Octinoxate. Help preserve reef ecosystems by using sunscreen without these common harmful ingredients.
BEST SUNSCREEN for WATER SPORTS and EVERYDAY OUTDOOR USE: Water Resistant 80 mins. Great to bring along wherever your adventures may take you; the ocean, beach, lake, river, poolside, ship, or backyard. For Maximum Sun Protection: Apply 15 minutes prior to sun exposure avoiding the eye area and be sure to reapply at least every two hours and every time you dry off
PROUDLY MADE in USA: Gluten Free, Cruelty Free, Fragrance Free, PABA free, No Nut Oils, Non-greasy, our bonding formula rubs in like a lotion without a white residual sheen left on your skin.
HYPOALLERGENIC – DERMATOLOGIST TESTED: Coral Isles sunscreens are dermatologist-tested and fortified with aloe to help protect and moisturize skin. UVB and UVA radiation protection, and a great choice for active people and athletes who love the outdoors


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