[100 COUNT] Compostable eco-friendly Round Plates 50 dinner plates and 50 small dessert plates made from bagasse (sugarcane)



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These clear plastic cups are made for all your favorite beverages, including water, soda, wine, juice, milk, and much more.

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INCLUDES: 50 (10 Inch) dinner plates and 50 (7 Inch) small dessert plates (can fit 3 pieces of sushi as shown on pic)
STURDY, HEAVY DUTY FEEL: These disposable plates have a solid and durable feel, and are made of a sturdy and fairly rigid organic material that can hold fairly heavy food items and liquids without deforming or transferring excessive heat.
SUSTAINABLY SOURCED MATERIALS: Our compostable plates are made of bagasse, a byproduct in sugar cane processing that is both abundant and sustainable. It doesn’t rely on wood fibers or other environmentally destructive industries like paper or plastic products. Additionally, our plates are made with a very efficient and eco-friendly production process that uses less energy than processes for paper or plastic disposables.
GREAT FOR GREASY AND HOT FOODS: if you’ve used paper plates, you know that they don’t always do a great job of managing hot, wet, or greasy foods. Not only do our compostable bagasse plates remain sealed against liquids and fats at higher temperatures, they also insulate better than most traditional disposable dinnerware, ensuring that your food stays at the optimal temperature for longer.
MICROWAVE, REFRIGERATOR, AND FREEZER SAFE: These plates are great for holding leftovers in the short and longer term. They’re safe to use at a wide range of temperatures, and won’t be damaged by repeated freezing or microwaving.


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