100% Compostable & Biodegradable Tablecloth -Transparent White Disposable Table Cover, Meets ASTMD640 Standards Vincotte OK Certified, Eco-Friendly Recyclable, Plastic Free (Green, 10-12 Tables)



Product Description

teble clothe whiteteble clothe white

Note: This Tablecloth is Vincotte OK HOME & INDUSTRIAL S1081 Certified (from 2019 to 2024) issued by TUV Austria CERT GMBH

plastic free paper clothplastic free paper cloth

stron matreal

stron matreal

green globe erthe

green globe erthe

flimsy tablecloths

flimsy tablecloths

Made of plant-derived resin, vegetable oil, and polymers for the ultimate durable tablecloth. It’s well-made and doesn’t tear. Our table covers are manufactured with the best quality materials and undergo meticulous inspection to ensure our customers receive the very best. No more torn, flimsy tablecloths!

Let your tablecloth return and enrich mother earth. No need to do much, just throw into the compost pit and watch your tablecloth return to earth and come in full circle! By returning these to earth, you are:

HELPING plants grow by giving them added nutrients.

INCREASING the variety of plant and animal life in the area by attracting insects, bacteria, and birds.

RELEASING micronutrients that that act as natural pesticides.

IMPROVING air quality by minimizing waste burning.

No more inconvenience. No need to use knives, scissors or anything else that complicates your life. Get that easy, smooth cut with our cutter tab and cut to the exact size you need to fit any size table. Or, you can just fish out one from our pre-cut tablecloth package and spread it on the table 1,2,3!

plant paper table coverplant paper table cover

plastic free

plastic free

resistenc for water and oil

resistenc for water and oil



No more feeling bad for having an easy setup and cleanup!

You’re helping mother earth one tablecloth at a time and you’re giving yourself less hassle and more family time!

You deserve to relax and enjoy, You’ve got the earth covered.

Do you hate it when the tablecloth gets all soggy? This is not a paper cloth! It gives you all the benefits of plastic, durable material and no water seeping through! Rain or shine, we have you and your tables covered.

Suitable for all types of dinners, parties, and trips. Our tablecloth is see-through with a white hue, so it suits any decor, any event, and any place. What would you like to use your 100% plastic-free disposable tablecloth for? Outdoor picnic? Check. Supper table? Check. Barbeque? Check. Birthday party? Check. Arts and crafts? Check. Camping? Check. Take your Garden V Pro Tablecloths everywhere, every time, every occasion.




We are a USA based company- you can rest assured, knowing that you are in the hands of good old american quality.

We vouch for all our products, therefore, if you have any issue at all, please let us know so we can make it right. Because our customers deserve the very best.

About Us


Our family-based company was founded in order to give a taste of quality and uniqueness to the market.

Every product we sell is designed, meticulously tested, manufactured with the best materials available because we believe that quality for our customers is # 1.

We’re always looking for ways to improve, because after all, if we’re not growing with our customer’s needs, we’re not achieving our goal.

We stand behind each of our products.

Reach out. We care.

CONVENIENT SELF-CUTTER BOX: What size do you need? Without scissors, you can cut the tablecloth to the custom size you want, until 90 feet long! Easy to take anywhere and fits most rectangle and circle tabletops, until 54-inch width. Our box includes an easy-to-use self-cutter for a perfect cut. The roll covers 10-12 tables.
VERSATILE AND MULTIPURPOSE: Party? Picnic? Camping? Now you have an easy to use and quick cleanup, disposable multi-purpose tablecloths for every occasion. Garden V pro’s tablecloths come transparent with a white hue to match any décor.
PREMIUM QUALITY: Our tablecloths are waterproof! Made of plant-derived resin, vegetable oil and compostable polymers for the ultimate protection, durability, and a posh look.
BEST FOR YOU AND MOTHER EARTH: With a small effort, we can change the way we treat our beautiful world. Without compromising on our high standards, we strive to help everyone go green. WE can make an impact on greenhouse emissions and clogging of our oceans and landfills. YOU deserve to use disposable without compromising on your values. At Garden V PRO we want you to feel


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